Projects and experience

We offer integrated design services, complete with the personnel and technology necessary to superbly take on projects, big or small. Explore the case history of our most representative projects and also take a look at the large-scale projects that some of the resources who now work at Seingim contributed to.

Seingim before Seingim

The experiences of the people at Seingim speak about our future

Seingim attracts the best engineering minds in Italy, making it a veritable incubator of talent and excellence in the field. We cultivate in-house training and growth so that our clients can always rely on a pool of qualified,

motivated, and high-performing resources. Plus, we have the privilege of working with high-profile professionals with a prestigious wealth of previous experiences with the best Italian projects and organisations. Check out some of the most brilliant examples in the gallery below.

Sistema Mose, Venezia

Fabio Pinton

Alberto Fisichella

Marcello Lazzarato

Francesco Della Casa

Karachaganak project, Kazakistan

Francesco Giocolano

Expo 2015, Milano

Andrea Castellotti

Aeroporto di Venezia

Davio Buoro

Rete di telefonia mobile Wind, H3G, Italia

Maurizio Cercone

Impianto RAEE, Siracusa

Francesco Della Casa

Impianto RAEE, Siracusa

Francesco Della Casa

Terminal Off-shore, Venezia

Fabio Pinton

Enrico Mion

Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, Saudi Arabia

Marco Meggiarin

New Maternity Hospital, Kuwait

Ivan Fregonese

Doha International Airport, Qatar

Ivan Fregonese