DECAL Depositi Costieri Calliope S.p.A.
VENICE - Via Della Della Geologia, 30175 Porto Marghera (VE)

New connection line to transport gasoline and development of a future tank farm line

With the objective of decommissioning an underground line, Decal S.p.A. provided for the construction of a new 8” line in carbon steel to transport petrol, which will connect the pump supply line (8”-3038-ACC) servicing tanks S-17 and S-18 in the chemical/petrol area with the supply line (8”-7303-ACC) of tanks S-16/A and S-17/A, located in field “/A”. This line will also be connected to 10” line 7 located on the west rack originating from the dock to allow tanks S-16/A and S-17/A to be loaded directly.
Consequently, the new line will include 3 tie-ins, one flanged on the 8”-3038-ACC line, which will take advantage of a pre-existing blind flanged connection, one welded created by cutting from line 7 and putting in a reduced tee, and a third welded one, located on the 8”-7303-ACC line, which will see a 90° curve replaced with a tee as well.
The new line will cross the ATB loading ramp, resting on the existing structures and racks via custom-built supports.


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