Seingim has an extensive multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in Control and Planning, Project Management, Permitting, Commissioning, Supervising Construction, and Safety Coordination. The efficiency of these groups is assisted by cross-party support professionals, such as the Technical Secretary, to ensure effective, efficient assistance even in the most complex construction sites.

Fields of application

Project and program management
PMO (project management office) services
PPM (project portfolio management) services
Construction supervision
Construction site safety (CSE)
Commissioning authority
Project quality assurance
Owner engineering
Value engineering
Calls for Proposals for Improvements to Businesses
Third-party training
Industrial research and development


  • Resource and activity planning
  • Project control
  • Assistance in construction sites
  • Job accounting
  • Commissioning authority procedures and activities
  • Project quality plan
  • Operating procedures
  • Improvement engineering
  • Integrated project management

Main cases in this sector

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