Metropolitan city of Milan
Milan, Italy

Energy Efficiency


Mixed concession of goods and services for the energetic upgrading and management of public buildings owned by the City of Milan.

Activities carried out

Final design and executive design.

Safety coordinator during design and execution.

Construction supervision

Execution period

2021- Ongoing

Project description

Seingim carried out a site surveys campaign to select the best solution in
order to get a substantial reduction of energy consumption. For these interventions
was employed the BIM technology. It was a multidisciplinary project
that concerned a redevelopment of several sectors: buildings (installation of
thermal coats, replacement of windows, insulation of roofs), mechanical (replacement/
installation of heat generators and circulation pumps, heat pumps,
solar thermal systems), electrical (installation of photovoltaic systems, relamping
of lighting systems, installation of remote-control systems, monitoring
and analysis of consumptions).


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