Gestore Servizi Energetici S.p.A.
Northern Italy, Central Italy, Sicily, Sardinia

Energy Efficiency


Verification of declared requirements for the provision of incentives in the
framework of Italian Government campaign called “Conto Termico”.

Activities performed

Inspection activity of thermal plants to identify the subsistence of the
requirements declared during the qualification phase to get the incentives
aimed to increase the energy efficiency, according to Ministerial Decree n.
16/02/2016 (“Conto Termico”).

Period of performance

2020 – Ongoing

Project description

Verification activities for the incentive in “Conto Termico” of thermal systems.
The consequences of the audit carried out by Seingim can vary from the confirmation
of the incentive paid, to a reduction in the amount or, in the most serious
cases, to the withdrawal of the incentive itself. The inspection activities
carried out by the experts of Seingim are to be considered as activities carried
out by Public Officials, bringing with it the complexities and responsibilities
typical of this role. These inspectors act as representatives of the GSE and, of
the Italian Government.
Seingim’s continued commitment to these audits highlights its key role in ensuring
that energy incentives are granted in a manner that is justified and
consistent with energy efficiency and sustainability objectives.


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