Metropolitane Milanesi MM
Via Cesare Beccaria 19, 20122 Milan (MI), Italy



Support activity for the final plant design for upgrading and ensuring regulatory compliance of the plant systems of the “Palazzo del Capitano di Giustizia” in Milan.

Activities performed

MEP FEED design.

Period of performance


Project description

The listed palace of high artistic value, built in the XVI century, is subject to restrictions, therefore, both the design and the of plant technologies required particular attention in order to minimize as much as possible the aesthetic impact while requalifying the plants and ensuring the regulatory adaptation of the fire prevention systems..
The design involved the following systems:

  • Mechanical (HVAC, sanitary water and waste, fire prevention system).
  • Electrical (Power, special systems: CCTV, smoke detection system, data system, etc.).
    A special attention was paid to the complete renovation of the control room for the management and coordination of law enforcement.

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