FEED electrical engineering services in addition to FEED telecommunications engineering services to expand the OTC plant in Sakarya

Sakarya Gas Field is a large gas reserve with a planned capacity of 405 BCM, located approximately 165 km offshore in the Black Sea at a depth of 2150 m.
The Turkish Petroleum Corporation is planning to develop the Sakarya gas field, guaranteeing the first gas arrival to land in 2023, with an initial minimum production of 2.8 million Sm3/day, which will increase to 10 million Sm3/day (Phase-1). For the full field production goal, with a ramp up to 40 million Sm3/day in the next years, TP is starting a competitive FEED process for Phase-2 EPCI based on another tieback solution for Filyos. To reach the first gas and plateau objectives, 10 production wells are due to be drilled in the first phase, adding other productions wells to reach the plateau level. Further exploration in the western Black Sea is underway (located 50 km to the southwest of the Sakarya – 1 drilling centre) and a conceptual study has been started to decide the Phase 2 development strategy.

There are two options to reach the plateau:
• Developing the Sakarya gas field by drilling another 20 production wells for an additional 30 million Sm3/day
• Developing the Western Block (C25) by drilling another 12 production wells for an additional 30 million Sm3/day

The Sakarya gas field development project began immediately after the discovery. Currently, an EPCI contractor is working to supply the Phase 1 gas from 10 production wells located in the Sakarya gas field at a depth of approximately 2150 m and 165 km from the onshore site of Filyos to the Turkish network via the Onshore Processing Facility (OPF) with a 10 million SCMD capacity. The first gas from the Sakarya Gas Field should arrive in the Turkish network by 2023 as part of Phase 1 development.


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