Located off the northeast coast of the Qatar peninsula

Oil & Gas


Offshore wet gas production platform.

Activities performed

Concept design, FEED Project.

Period of performance

2019 – 2020

Work team

DIST dpt. Strumentazione, Automazione, Telecom

Project description

The aim of NFPS iFEED Project was to increase the extraction of natural gas
from the North Field offshore field through the development of surface facilities.
The North Field is one of the greatest, non-associated natural gas field in the
world, located off the North-East coast of the Qatar Peninsula and it is managed
by Qatargas.
Seingim provided P&ID Mechanization services, preparation of Technical Specifications
and Data Sheets for: valves, HIPPS systems and hydraulic wellhead
control units. Preparation of hydraulic systems for electro-hydraulic wellhead
control units. Positioning of instruments. Study on cable routes. Control
rooms layout. Processing of records with instruments and signals, junction
boxes and issuing of cable inventory.


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