VENICE - Area Ex Ausidet, Porto Marghera (VE)

Designing the 3,139.56 kWp photovoltaic system in the Ex Ausidet area (Lot 12) in Porto Marghera, VE

Seingim carried out the work on behalf of ENIPROGETTI with the task undersigned by ENI New Energy. The commissioned work involved designing the photovoltaic system in the area called Ex Ausidet in the City of Porto Marghera. The system was built within the limits of Ex Ausidet Lot 12, falling under the Site of National Interest (S.I.N.) of Venice Porto Marghera, next to Marghera Industrial Port, with an overall surface area of approximately 5.9 hectares and the entire area is classified as “Environmental remediation area”. The site belongs to the City of Venice. The area in question in particular is the property of ENI Rewind. The system is set up on a newly created delivery switchroom inside Ex Ausidet Lot 12 in which the Point of Delivery (the so-called ‘POD’) was installed. The solar farm operates by selling all of the power it generates. The connection pathway was created in compliance with the connection quote issued by e-Distribuzione (ED-16-08-2018-P0129915), building a new delivery switchroom connected in input/output on the existing SUPERINTENDENCY MV line coming out of the HV/MV P. MARGHERA primary switchroom.


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