Saudi Arabia



Construction of a futuristic ski resort in an area of 60 km², with a village with an area of 280,000 m² and facilities of 75MWe; 20MWf; 15MWt.

Activities performed
Consulting on preliminary and final plant design. The project is aimed at achieving LEED Gold class.

Period of execution
2020 – 2023

Subjects involved in the service

Project Description
The project envisions a 280,000-m² village carved out of rocks, with 3,600 hotel rooms and 2,200 luxury accommodations, as well as all necessary services such as offices, restaurants, retail, and technical rooms. All of this will be carbon neutral and extremely energy efficient. A centralized technology hub has also been planned for cooling, heating and energy recovery as well as snowmaking for the slopes (32 km). Electrical data of the village: 75MW PWR installed (from two high voltage stations), medium and low voltage electrical distribution, lighting, Data transmission and BMS, Security and CCTV system, smoke detection system, ground and lightning protection system, photovoltaic systems. Village mechanical data: 20MWf and 15MWt, HVAC, plumbing and drains, fire suppression system, irrigation, solar thermal systems.


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