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Chieti, Italia

Renewable Energy - 36kV electrical substation project and associated cable duct for connection to the High Voltage (HV) National Electric Transmission Grid (NTG).


The activities performed included the design of the 36kV electrical substation and associated cable duct for connection to the National High Voltage (HV) Electric Transmission Grid (NTG).

Performed activities

Final design

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Project description

Seingim carried out the final design of the high voltage (HV) cable connection between the BESS plant of the 72 MWp photovoltaic power plant located in the municipality of San Salvo (CH) and the future 150/36kV San Salvo 2 substation in Montenero di Bisaccia (CB), about 5 km away. The connection to the national grid required the design of a MV/HV Utility Cabin, which was placed to serve the photovoltaic power plant.


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