GUBAKHA - Perm, Russia

Detailed engineering for the electrical and instrument fields servicing the “Ammoni Plant & N2 Compressor” project - PJSC METAFRAX (Russia)

Casale SA acted as Technology Licensor and EPCM contractor to construct the entire project, which consists of the following units, based on Casale-owned technology and know-how:
– A new 894 MTD ammonia synloop, using A2000 CTM technology, operating on pure hydrogen and nitrogen.
– A new 1’725 urea plant, incorporating Split FlowTM and Full CondenserTM technology.
– A new 40’000 MT/year melamine plant, using LEMTM technology. The new complex is completed with a PSA unit to recover hydrogen from the purge gas of the existing methanol plant, which is utilized as feedstock for the new ammonia synloop, and a Carbon Dioxide Recovery (CDR) unit, designed according to MHI technology, to recover 1’200 MTD of CO2 from the methanol plant reformers, to be utilized as feed for the urea plant.


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