FROSINONE - Via Morolense Km 10, 03010 Patrica, FR

Building a new BG3 plant for PBS polymer production inside the Mater Biopolymer facility in Patrica, FR

SEINGIM was responsible for the preliminary engineering of the new PBS polymer manufacturing plant, called BG3, with a production capacity of approximately 120 tonnes/day to supplement the two existing BG1 and BG2 plants. The plant was planned inside a new building and is completely independent from the existing ones, both in terms of process auxiliaries (diathermic oil, tower water, steam system, and cooling water) as well as electrical power supply.

The Debottlenecking project consisted in preliminary multidisciplinary engineering work for a new PBS polymer production plant (with a production capacity of approximately 1,700 kg/h) to supplement the already existing BG2 plant. The new completely independent system was designed inside a new building, while still using the same auxiliaries (diathermic oil, tower water, and cooling water).


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