Lombardini22 – CAP DC Italia
Ex Novaceta Area, Viale Piemonte 66, 20013 Magenta, Milan Italy


New data center complex with LEED rating in Magenta (MI) made of 4 x 56 MW IT modules and an office building, with a total area of approximately 215.000 sqm.

Performed activities
MULTIDISCIPLINARY BIM detailed design (RIBA 4), of electrical, plumbing and HVAC (MEP) systems.

Execution period.
2022 – Ongoing

Project Description.

Plumbing and HVAC systems: production and distribution systems for heated and cooled water for climate control, HVAC systems for indoor areas, smoke control and extraction systems, waste and potable water distribution systems, process water treatment and distribution systems (feeding of hybrid coolers), hydrant and sprinkle fire protection systems (compliant to NFPA and FM Global).
Electrical systems: MV/LV substations with emergency feeding systems, photovoltaic system, main LV distribution, distribution of power systems, normal and emergency lighting, data network system, fire detection system, security and CCTV systems.


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