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Every day, we encourage everyone’s professional and personal growth, ensuring them the best opportunities and conditions in which to bring out their potential. With 15 operating offices in the country and many others in the process of being launched, we are always looking for talent

to add to our team, to positively contribute to the energy sector transition in Italy and the world. If you fancy seeing how you fare with innovative projects in an engaging, collaborative setting open to challenges, then you are in the right place.

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Giulia Merighi
HR Talent Recruiting

Our Ideal Business Manifesto

We wrote the Seingim Ideal Business Manifesto in 2021 to confirm our commitment to a comfortable, high-quality work environment. This is a collaborative document that was created with the contribution of all our resources and lays down the cardinal points of our welfare and attests to the alliance and shared values between the company and the team Because the most important rules are written together.

Davide Guiotto
HR Manager
Harmony in the workplace
Seingim Academy
Sports and free time
Financial well-being
Safeguarding the environment
Volunteering, social, and local area
Giulia Mattei

“In Seingim I can play my part in the transition towards a greener future for Italy.”

Maurizio Spallarossa

“Here, the greatest successes are always the result of great teamwork.”

Micaela Biallo

“In Seingim even the youngest resources have the opportunity to work in relevant international projects. Because it doesn’t matter the age, but how much you believe in it.”

Michele Deolmi

“My job? Much more than sitting at a desk.”

Eros Biolo

“Working in Seingim allows me to travel, meet new people and visit cities never seen before.”

Erica Vagge

“With all the engineering branches in which Seingim operates, you just need to choose the one that suits you best!”

Mauro Palmisano

“The best thing is that here I grow up every day, putting in practice what I’ve learned in university.”

Francesca Sirch

“Why choose between working and being a mom? Here I can express all of myself with no limits.”

Enrico Grosso

“Every day, with my job, I feel part of something really important.”

Paolo Napoletano

“In an always growing agency like Seingim, the career opportunities are tangible.”


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