Undersecretary of the Ministry of Made in Italy Enterprises Massimo Bitonci visits the Seingim’s Headquarters


Yesterday, Massimo Bitonci, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Made in Italy Enterprises, visited our historic headquarter in Ceggia.

Seingim Chairman Fabio Marabese during his speech said:

“The visit of the Undersecretary represents not only a recognition and a certificate that makes us proud of our work, but also an incentive to do more and better, in all areas of engineering in which Seingim is engaged. We are called to be pioneers, to combine business success with the social and economic progress of our community, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of the country.”

Creating value for employees and the community has always been a priority for the Company. In an ever-changing market, Seingim is committed to investing more and more in innovation and quality to promote the excellence of the Made in Italy brand on a global scale.