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Seingim General Council 2023


The second Seingim General Council meeting concluded yesterday with the presentation of the 2024-2030 Business Plan that will guide the company toward a future of sustainable growth and innovation. This ambitious plan was the centerpiece of the event and will be submitted for approval by mid-November.

The main focus of the General Council meeting was to define the medium- and long-term strategies that will lead Seingim to consolidate its position in the market and embrace a future characterized by sustainable and innovative growth. The company affirmed its desire to be at the forefront of promoting environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices.

One of the most significant components of the Business Plan is a commitment to a greater presence in the Italian market, as well as significant expansion abroad. This international development will involve the hiring of more than 200 talents over the next two years, demonstrating Seingim’s ongoing investment in the growth and development of its people.

The unveiling of this ambitious plan marks an important step for Seingim as it prepares to meet the needs of the market, demonstrating its role as a leader in the Italian and international industrial sector.