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Seingim for the Genoa of the Future

Seingim for the Genoa of the Future

On Monday October 18, Seingim Engineering inaugurated its new offices in Genoa in the presence of Seingim President Fabio Marabese, Seingim CEO Fabio Pinton, Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci, Regional Councillor Stefano Anzalone, and chaplain Don Mauro Mazzone.

Following this, at 5:30 p.m., the event entitled “Genoa of the Future: visions and perspectives” was held in the splendid setting of Palazzo Ducale. After an introduction from President Fabio Marabese, a speech was given by the President of the Region Giovanni Toti and a round table discussion was led by Genova24 journalist Giulia Mietta between Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci, Genoa University Chancellor Federico Delfino, Monsignor Luigi Molinari and Confindustria President Umberto Risso.

‘Our arrival in Genoa two years ago,’ said Seingim President Fabio Marabese, “allowed us to deepen our knowledge of the city and its territory, and this is why we have brought Genoa’s most influential stakeholders around the same table. This meeting will provide an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at the Genoa of the Future.”

“A growing company is always a good sign for our city,” said Mayor Marco Bucci. “Today we are inaugurating the new headquarters of an Italian company which has offices in Genoa and is expanding here, hiring new staff from the territory and the rest of Italy. We believe in doing business this way. We support it as an administration and want to see it expanded throughout our city”.

“For Liguria, the time has come,” according to Regional President Giovanni Toti, “for economic revitalisation, and that is why every form of investment will be welcomed by our region, with the aim of sustaining development, growth and employment. The outlook for Genoa is nothing short of positive with the health emergency now at an end and with the extraordinary opportunity provided by the Recovery Plan resources. Only by focusing on technology, research and experimentation will we be able to build new opportunities for future generations.”.