New Business

Seingim Education is founded: the new SEINGIM company dedicated to education and training.


Seingim Education was set up with the aim of providing training courses for secondary school students of I and II degree, university students, workers in small and medium-sized enterprises, school and university staff, health facility staff, and professionals. Among the courses that will be delivered in synchronous and asynchronous Fad mode, in streaming and in presence are those for the recognition of CFPs (Professional Training Credits) for engineers, architects, industrial experts, surveyors; those for the achievement of HCCP for food company owners or managers; Data Protection Courses and technical courses in the oil & gas, environmental, construction, energy and electrical sectors.

One BU will be dedicated to compulsory courses on safety at work (d.LGS 81/08), which may also be administered in English. A BU will be dedicated exclusively to the world of Schools and Universities, to support institutions in the process of growth and insertion into the world of work of young students, and finally a BU will be dedicated to Continuous Training for companies, the objective being to bring value and contribute to the growth of personnel know-how.

Innovative formats involving online and below-the-line material that can be customised by the requesting company, summary video clips optimised also for smartphones will complete the offer.