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Seingim achieved prestigious recognition, ranking 215th in the “Champions of Growth”


Seingim recently achieved a prestigious recognition, ranking 215th in the “Champions of Growth” ranking compiled by the German ITQF Institute and published in La Repubblica – Affari e Finanza. This achievement underscores the remarkable growth rate that the company has recorded over the past three years, establishing itself as one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial entities on the Italian scene.

The “Champions of Growth” ranking is one of the most authoritative indicators in assessing the health and vitality of companies in the Italian business environment. Compiled by a recognized institute such as the ITQF, it represents tangible evidence of Seingim’s success and commitment to pursuing a sustainable development model.

Seingim earned a well-deserved 215th place thanks to its extraordinary growth rate over the previous three years. This achievement places it among the excellences of the Italian business landscape, demonstrating the company’s ability to adapt, innovate and thrive even in dynamic and challenging economic environments.

Seingim’s presence in this ranking also underscores the company’s key role in the engineering sector. Technical expertise, strategic leadership and innovative approach have contributed significantly to the company’s success, positioning it as a benchmark in engineering solutions.

This important milestone not only celebrates Seingim’s past success but also propels the company toward ambitious new horizons. With an eye to the future, Seingim is committed to maintaining and growing its leadership position by continuing to pursue ambitious goals and adapting to emerging market challenges. Ranking 215th among the “Champions of Growth” is a tangible testament to Seingim’s success and its ability to thrive in a changing economic environment. This recognition reinforces Seingim’s reputation as a pioneer in the engineering industry and underscores its ongoing commitment to excellence and sustainable development.