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A new beginning: Seingim Deutschland GmbH is founded


A new beginning: Seingim Deutschland GmbH is founded. Led by the same vision of excellence and innovation, this new move marks an exciting chapter for the company and for the entire multi-disciplined engineering sector.

The ceremony was attended yesterday in Munich by the Executive Chairman and Founder, Fabio Marabese, together with International Affairs Director, Vittorio Maiorana and Legal Affairs Director, Davide Guiotto.

With the new branch, the company will be able to consolidate its international presence, ensuring a wider distribution of its services and maintaining the commitment to excellence that has characterized the Seingim brand since its foundation.

One of the key elements of this new initiative is its emphasis on the development of talent and excellent skills. Seingim has always believed in the potential of its employees and their contribution to the company’s mission.

In addition, this new company will help to further strengthen the bond between Seingim and its clients by offering innovative and customized solutions in the field of multidisciplinary engineering. Seingim Germany will be able to respond quickly to customer needs and provide excellent service in line with the company’s global standards, thanks to its local presence and in-depth knowledge of the German market.

Driven by the same vision of growth and innovation that has always defined Seingim’s journey, the creation of Seingim Germany marks an exciting new beginning for the company.