A New Skyline for Venice

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In the coming days, the new Hybrid Tower will be inaugurated in Mestre. It’s born from a environmental restoration project, called “recovery program Ex ACTV “, a degraded area between Via Torino and Via Ca’ Marcello in Mestre.

This was an abandoned industrial area, and in recent years have been transformed in a new business and shopping park: in this context, was born a 75 meters tower, the highest in the city. The tower is strictly integrated in the city architectural style, and it changes the venetian skyline.
The architectural project was carried out by the study ASA arch. F. Albanese, SEINGIM has made the final and executive planning of electrical and mechanical equipment and the technical direction of the plant works, taking into account the different activities planned in the various levels.

The 19-floor tower consists of three distinct visual elements that divides the internal layout: the first three floors, lodges a bar and a health center with a gym, the upper floors a business and residential area, and in the upper part a Japanese restaurant and a cocktail bar with panoramic views across Venice lagoon.