Project management and control


  • Project Execution Plan
  • Control that Customer project targets and requirements are achieved
  • Project organization & control (functions/responsibilities)
  • Organization and management of the required personnel (works and administration)
  • Communication management
  • Time management and reporting
  • Scope management
  • Risk management
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance Management
  • Document Control management
  • Progress reporting & meeting management
  • Organization and issuing of meetings minutes
  • Project closeout reporting
  • Contractors’ Engineering and Design Package documentation reviews
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Planning and Scheduling Management

  • Master Planning (Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Erection, Commissioning)
  • Target Time Schedule (critical milestones)
  • Engineering Time Schedule (engineering by Contractor and others)
  • Purchasing Time Schedule
  • Detailed erection and assembly planning
  • Document Delivery schedules
  • Contract Control schedules
  • Project progress reports
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Cost Management & Control

  • Cost breakdown structure
  • Allocation of project budget to individual purchase packages and cost accounts • Orders control
  • Invoice control compared to committed costs
  • Control of costs w.r.t. predicted final cost projections
  • Estimation of cash flow
  • Cost reporting
  • Claim management control/reporting
  • Cost of change/Pricing variations
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Procedures / Authority Requirements

  • Electrical, Instrumentation, & Control (EIC) procedures
  • Fire Safety and Risk Analysis Reports
  • Building Regulations procedures
  • Local Permitting
  • Environmental procedures
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Procurement Management

  • Procurement plan and strategy
  • Engineering Specification and Definition of Each Tender
  • Pre-selection of suppliers based on tender comparison and recommendation for detailed commercial evaluation
  • Supplier list
  • Supplier audits
  • Enquiries delivery to multiple supplier
  • Bid clarification meetings (Technical evaluation / clarifications)
  • Technical and initial commercial tender comparison report
  • Final commercial comparison report and recommendations selection
  • Preparation of purchase orders and contracts
  • Procurement status reporting and follow-up
  • Variation control and management
  • Supplier documentation review, approval and final delivery documentation follow-up (Report)
  • Expediting and Report
  • Payment arrangement
  • Check Supplier invoices
  • Open package inspection (material and equipment inspection/acceptance)
  • Customs clearance/inland transportation
  • Entrance control on-site for equipment and materials
  • Warehouse control
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Construction Management

  • Construction plan, Construction Management, Site Administration, progress reporting
  • Constructability analysis, Construction Execution Plan and Procedures
  • Quality Plan, Construction Conformance Checking
  • Definition of organization and responsibilities
  • Site Material Control
  • Emergency evacuations procedures, Site Security Control, First-aid program
  • Supervision of the site office and field organization
  • Preparation and update of construction and erection planning
  • Management and coordination of activities
  • Report and coordinate the establishment of corrective plans for delays
  • Assurance of proper availability of all updated project & technical documentation
  • Site Document Management
  • Coordination activities of the works inspectors
  • Evaluation of subcontractor’s supervision & administrative policies
  • Approval of the completion of the construction works based on the inspector’s reports
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Project Completion Management

  • Management of handover procedures
  • Development and Management of Punch Lists
  • Rectification and re-check
  • “As Built” documentation for all Disciplines
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Commissioning & Acceptance Testing Management 

  • Commissioning Plan
  • Commissioning Execution
  • Coordination of start up
  • Coordination of test runs
  • Acceptance Testing Plan
  • Acceptance Testing Execution
  • Acceptance Testing Reports
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