SEINGIM public official for GSE

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From June 2016 until 2018, SEINGIM is engaged in document review and site inspection of photovoltaic systems encouraged ​​by the GSE (Energy Services Operator) through the Conto Energia (Energy Bill). The primary purpose of this inspection is to verify that all plants had really have access to incentives.

Taking into analysis the data for the year 2014, over 200 plants have taken incentives even if
the documentation was missing or incorrect, for about the 10% of the system under consideration.

The amount of the money improperly collected by individuals, amounted to over 70 millions of euro: in some cases, it was only of minor breaches, such as lack of updated documentation, but in other cases the problems encountered have proved much more serious, such as issuing false documentation or false in relation to the request for incentives.
SEINGIM has developed to GSE a team of 15 people, totally dedicated to those verification, and only from June to December will be analyzed 750 plants, throughout the national territory.