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Working in SENGIM is a team-sport

S. Stino di Livenza – Saturday, October 22nd took place the first corporate tournament “SEINGIM Cup 2016”: four teams, divided by departments, battled in a single elimination tournament of 5-people-football.

Department of Electrical Engineering in blue uniform, Mechanical Engineering in red uniform, Engineering Instrumental in green uniform and Department GSE in white uniform: a Saturday afternoon full of fun and healthy competition among colleagues.

The winners of the SEINGIM challenge

The President handed over the cup to the Electrical Engineering team, who beat in a fought final the GSE Team.

After the game, players, spectators and families went together to celebrate with a pizza: SEINGIM has created a unique colleagues team, compact, where working in SEINGIM  is alternated with moments of fun, all together, and where also the newest worker could feel part of the SEINGIM’s family. You can become part of this great team too, come to discover life in SEINGIM and open positions