Revamping of a LPG plant in Algeria

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SEINGIM is engaged in the preparation of detailed engineering for the reconstruction and revamping of an LPG system connected to the Rhourde-Nouss field in Algeria, in particular the “Train 100″, ” Train 200″ and “Train 300”, units for processing and fractionation of gas.

Sonatrach, the Algerian state agency of hydrocarbons, has ordered the design for the new network, after the damage suffered in 2009, applying the latest international standards for safety at the new plant.

Activities will include the provision of new process equipment, new electrical systems, instrumentation, and basic engineering services for the realization of a new vaporization system and re-injection of LPG. In the specific SEINGIM in this case deals with engineering of instrumental detail, automation and telecommunications, and technical tabulation of bids and assistance to procurement.