Qualifications and Suitability

SEINGIM staff that carries out inspections, survey, electrical works in electrical systems or in their proximity, is formed, qualified and certified for these activities, as defined by law.

In particular they are in possess of the qualification (PAV or PES) and suitability (PEI), in accordance with CEI 11-27 and CEI EN 50110-1 (CEI 11-48). These rules provide for the classification of the personnel that works on, with and in proximity of out-voltage electric plants, in proximity to active parts up to Category 3, under voltage up to Category 1.

Personnel is trained on those topics:

  • Laws and regulations
  • How electricity effects on human bodies, prevention and protection systems
  • Equipment for electrical works
  • Risk assessment and environmental conditions
  • Preparation of electrical work
  • Work on plants
  • Roles and professional profiles
  • Communications and documentation for electrical work
  • Out-voltage works
  • Work under low voltage power
  • Work in the proximity of active parts
  • Non-electrical work