NOVAMONT: inaugurated a new plant designed by SEINGIM

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SEINGIM was commissioned by Mater-Biotech S.p.A. (Novamont Group) for the detailed engineering relative to the revamping of the first plant in the world for the production of butanediol from a renewable resources. The plant is located in Bottrighe of Adria, in the province of Rovigo, and was born from the conversion of a lysine production plant in a unique facility in the world: the demand of butanediol increased in recent years, it’s used in the production of bioplastics. Thanks to a Novamont patent, it’s possible to produce a large quantity of butanediol, reducing the environmental impact through the fermentation of renewable materials.

SEINGIM had a key role in the detailed design of mechanical, electrical, instrumental, automation and telecommunications, taking part in a project worth a total of over 100 million euro, with four years and more than 58,000 hours of dedicated work. The plant was inaugurated on September 30, receiving the congratulations of the Premier Matteo Renzi. Innovative partners like Mater Biotech reality, allowing us to grow up and to reach important goals, while protecting the environment.