Plant Certification (Cert. Imp.) for ARKEMA plants

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The Arkema industry of Porto Marghera is located inside the petrochemical complex, and it’s specialized in the production of acetone-cyanohydrin and hydrogen-cyanide,

In the first half of 2016, Seingim has been commissioned for an activity of survey and verification of the electrical system in two production plants, named AM7 and AM9.

The analysis was aimed to verify the regular operation and the conservation status of all system components, the correct sizing of the power lines and the compliance of the equipment in an explosive atmosphere.

Then, SEINGIM prepared the Cert. Imp., the Plant Certification, based of Legislative Decree 81/2008.

In particular, the performed activities were the document analysis, the study and the verification of the activities executed in the plants, the final adjustment of the documentation.

The collaboration between Seingim and Arkema starts in 2006, and during these 10 years, many activities have involved the two companies. Arkema is the example of how a well done job, accurate and precise, bring to a strong collaboration thar goes on during those years.