SEINGIM summer party

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SEINGIM summer party


Friday, July 22nd , the Country House Gioia di… in Torre di Mosto hosted the entire team of the four Italian offices of SEINGIM, for a working day … different than usual: all the productive resources were devoted entirely to relaxation, to share with colleagues a few different time from the usual routine.

The employee enthusiasm, create a climate of interactions, urged by the contact with colleagues in a different environment from the typical workspaces. SEINGIM has acquired in recent years very important clients, and many new-entries have joined historical collaborators: the team-building process also involves activities of this kind, the time devoted to the construction of human relationships, is essential to create compactness and collaboration that characterizes always the whole team.

The primary goal we always ask is the full satisfaction of the end customer, and only through a happy and cohesive team, we can reach our goal.

“In no other company I had never worked like this!”Employee