SEINGIM’s company has always been active in devote proper attention to the world we live in, and to future generations. SEINGIM is proud to be able to boast of GREENER certification.

The GREENER certification (SUM Brand, Unindustria Services Multiutilities S.p.A.) testifies the company’s commitment to the responsible use of renewable, clean and natural energy resources.

SEINGIM, indeed, decided through the partnership with SUM S.p.A. to use only energy from renewable sources, by investing in this way in future and assuming a full moral and economic responsibility, showing its deep environmental concern.

Ceggia, a company donates 100 books to the school library

CEGGIA. A massive donation of a hundred books for the library of Ceggia. SEINGIM GLOBAL SERVICE, a well-known company in town, made the donation. “It’s about a book collection, from the publishing house Utet, composed of 100 books, containing 60 volumes that won the Strega Prize. The remaining 40 books boast of the highest number of sold copies – explains the assessor of the culture, Carla Trevisan – the charity also includes a CD that allows the research the books through the entry of a word. Together with the town administrations, we would like to thank SEINGIM for the noble gesture and salute the company for undertaking the corporate social responsibility. Thus, there are a hundred books more at the disposal of the people.

SEINGIM for the Pediatrics: colors and the comics for the children

SEINGIM always puts emphasis on the support for worthy social realities: here the latest initiative of Corporate Social Responsibility, for the benefit of children and the pediatric ward of ‘ASL 10 “Eastern Veneto”.


We have cooperated with…

Amici in Bici

Amici in Bici is an amateur sport cycling association established in September 2012, basing its vision on the concept of “friendship”. The association plans and manages some group trips at a sustainable speed for everybody and non-competitive races, letting all its associated members appreciate the cycling activity in all its forms: with non-competitive ecological rides rather than with “granfondo”, with singular training rather than group training. The association started with a great desire of spending time together. Everyone can join the association: professionals, amateurs, cycling tourists, cycling gourmets, bikers… both men and women!

A.S.D. Jesolo Rugby

The A.S.D. Jesolo Rugby was established in March 1987, thanks to the commitment of a group of affectionate, mostly former players from various teams of the territory with the aim of creating a new rugby reality in the area of Jesolo. It was also important to spread the culture related to this sport to the people and therefore attract new players for the youth sector. Moreover, the rugby association wanted to create a concrete opportunity to practice this game in professional team.


is currently one of the most important basketball realities in Veneto and among the very few association in which men and women teams are united under the same ownership. The future objective is to transform Venice, Mestre, and their surroundings into a reference point for the basketball, a catalyzing focal point able to value the sports and revitalize the sporting historical past.