Specialists in the design of systems since 1999

Over the years we have developed a structured and  articipatory method, aimed at generating an added value in the satisfaction of our Customers’ needs and desires.

“The innovation arises from investments in training our professionals”
Fabio Marabese

SEINGIM has three main strategic objectives that serve as fundamentals for its own future and for its competitive advantage: growing in the international context, through an intense and targeted action towards specific geographical areas; establishing strategic partnerships with main the players of areas and sectors of our interest; developing the products portfolio, combining long-standing competences gained in the traditional sectors and the innovation, deriving from the investments made for technical and professional training. Hence, particular attention will be devoted to the realization of initiatives that allow a rapid and sustainable management of operational and structural costs. The focusing of the technical action and the alignment of the investments towards the business development strategy and objectives.

Cheapness, innovation, quality and rapidity, jointly with business culture, widespread knowledge and action flexibility, will lead SEINGIM towards its relocation in the global market as a company capable of creating high benefit to its Clients. A complex, changeable and highly competitive future is waiting for us and we need to face it with pride, determination and firmness. We look at this future with optimism that it’s part of our history.”

Fabio Marabese,Administrative Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Seingim Global Service S.r.l.

SEINGIM’s Method