Seingim for years dealing with the design, testing, development and pre-industrialization of new products, processes or services, or to make major changes to products, production lines and production processes, in order to contribute to the achievement of significant improvements to existing technologies. These assets will be realized in the implementation of pilot and demonstration projects as well as non-marketable prototypes, production lines, manufacturing processes, existing services.

Carbon fiber

HOFER (HOrizon For the carbon fibER) Project’ goal is the study of an alternative Carbon Fibre (CF) precursor, based on lignin (a renewable source). The objective is the production of sustainable and cheaper CF materials, with positive impact on technological and economical aspects.
To-date, the use and diffusion of CF materials has been limited by production costs. These are mainly due to precursor obtained from acrylonitrile polymerization and the related complex production processes. HOFER will generate R&D and market expansion in CF business. Lignin can be obtained from many industrial process waste (e.g. paper production and bio-refineries), favoring waste enhancement as secondary raw material, thus reducing waste treatment and pollution. This recovery, linked to the natural abundance of lignin and its chemical properties, produces virtuous mechanisms in economic and technological aspects, related also to the “Circular Economy”. HOFER’s main target is to produce a low to medium grade CF at a low cost extending its applications to various sectors (e.g. civil strengthening, healthcare devices, etc.) HOFER objectives are to demonstrate the feasibility and sustainability of a new process, proving the scalability to industrial needs, bring EU industries to leading positions in the CF field, promote new investments, currently limited and dependent on non-EU markets, expand CF production and markets, leading to employment growth.


Green Oil

Green Oil is a bio-refinery plant to test sustainable processes through the use of carbon dioxide in the supercritical state. The project has engaged for over two years Seingim with: Vega Park, Sapio, University Ca ‘Foscari University and the University of Udine. The experiments made with canola, hemp and grape seeds have led to interesting results.
Stands out, for example, a very high value of EPA (omega 3 and 6) in the grape seeds, produced very widespread in the pharmaceutical field and homeopathic.
Desta instead much interest in hemp as there is an interesting amount of linoleic acid, can be used in cosmetics. We specify that the plant was designed for both the experiments with solid matrices with liquid type matrix. It is important to remember that the results obtained are realized with a defined GREEN, plant emissions to 0, with the use of a natural solvent as is the carbon dioxide (CO2) used in the supercritical state, replacement of all those synthetic solvents that may pollute the final product.
It is the huge potential of the experience, as Seingim disposal which provides each institution or individual who wants to create research and development, while also offering both technical support and administrative.
The very interesting and instructive experience resulted in Seingim the first approach towards the new frontier of GREEN CHEMISTRY, natural replacement for the current chemistry.